Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of All Involved Is Always Our Primary Concern

Our uncompromising attitude to the health and safety of everybody working on-site is the reason for our faultless health and safety record. The safety of workers and team members at the workplace is non negotiable for FEDtech, which we take seriously at all times.
For this reason, we have stringent measures in place.
The planning carried out prior to beginning every project considers each stage from the perspective of health and safety. Well-trained, certified Health and Safety officers are always part of the planning, and survey the worksite prior to the start of any work and during the course of the project to ensure compliance.
Ensuring we strictly adhere to health and safety regulations also enables us to finish projects in a timely manner. Delays to address health and safety concerns are avoided by our proactive approach.
Site safety is never in doubt with FEDtech Construction Corp.

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