Construction Management

We Want to Be Your Construction Partner Bringing Your Vision to Reality

FEDtech Construction Corp is happy to offer a full start-to-finish construction management service that guarantees efficiency and cost effectiveness in your build.
Our experience in construction management drives us to a TEAM approach! We are happy to work with a predetermined team or are able to provide all required services from our network of partners.
Construction management may be looked at in stages: pre-construction, construction, and post-construction.
Pre-Construction Phase
The pre-construction phase is a very complex structured process to understand and define a projects’ goals and requirements. Significant value can be added by an experienced construction manager in this development phase, avoiding potentially costly revisions and omissions down the road.
Construction Phase
Benefitting from the extensive pre-construction planning and organizing, a seamless, efficient transition to construct a clients’ vision may commence. As all key risks and milestones have been reviewed, overview of schedule, cost and quality are managed to completion. Approvals and signoffs by all authorities having jurisdiction close out this phase.
Post-Construction Phase
Completion of minor deficiencies in an expeditious manner and handover of project closeout documents to ensure the client has all relevant information on products installed and has been sufficiently trained on all systems. Final transition to the client owning and operating the space.

For professional, experienced, and thoroughly valuable construction management, get in touch with FEDtech Construction Corp. today.

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